SUN YAT-SEN Monument
The Ancient City Wall Of MING Dynasty
Five Rams Statue
The Five Rams Fairy Pavilion
Sailors Pavilion
Pavilion Of Regaining
Graveyard Of MR.Wu Ting Fang
Memorial Archway Of Chu Dynasty
Monument Of Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Reading&Working
Spherical Water Tower
Square Battery
The Graveyard Of Shao Wu Emperor And His Subject
   The Monument is situated in the southernmost part of Yue Xu mountains main hill called Yue Jing and it was built in 1929. A famous architect, Lu Yan Zhi, designed it. The monument is made up of marbles and its height is 37 metres. It is square in shape with a pointed tip. You have to climb from the bottom of the arc gate. The first and second steps at the base of the monument, fences it using marbles with flowery design. In order to view the beauty of the monument, visitors have the choice of viewing it, either from the fences or from the top but one has to climb the curly stairways to reach it. In every storey inside the monument, it has windows to view distant places. Around the base of the monument there are 26 sculptures of rams symbolising Five Rams City ( Guangzhou). In front of the Monument there is a marble of size 7m high and 4m wide, which portrays Dr. Sun Yat Sen¨s beliefs and convictions about China engraved in Golden Chinese letters. It was written by a calligrapher, Wu Shao Fu. The letters shines under sunrays. The monument and its 100 steps together with Zhong Shan memorial hall complete the historical sites in the Yuexu Park. Every morning many people frequent this park to do exercise.

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