¡¤Artistic Pottery Garden
Ether Square 
¡¤Yuxiu Waterfall
¡¤The place of idioms and fables
¡¤Ring Barbette 
¡¤Yongya Hill Restaurant
¡¡¡¡Located by the Beixiu Lakeside, formerly the ¡°Tingyuxuan Restaurant¡±, which was built in 1957 and named for the poetic sound of rain beating on the banana leaves near the restaurant in raining days. Many people liked to enjoy tea here. Famous figures like Zhu De, Ye Jianying, He Long, poet Guo Moruo and painter Liu Haisu once visited here. Today, it¡¯s renamed as ¡°Yongyashan House¡±. Besides its tranquil environment, this restaurant is famous for its tasty King Fish Head. And the well-known dish of ¡°Tingyuxuan Restaurant¡±--¡°Taiyang Chicken¡± is also served. In addition, a full variety of delicacies are for your selection.
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