Dr, Sun Yat Sen¨s Memorial Monument
Zhen Hai Building
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Guangzhou Art galley
The Five Rams Fairy Pavilion
Hai Yuan Kiosk
Guang Fu Kiosk
Wu Ting Fang Monument
C.T Memorial Archway
Sun Reading-Working Place
Solid Ball water tank
Square Cannon Site
Tomb of King Shaowu
  Built in 1959, it is one of the most famous scenic spots in Guangzhou. The whole sculpture was built using 130 pieces of marbles. The height of the sculptures from the base is more than 10 metres and it symbolizes a beautiful legend. According to the legend more than 1000 years ago, Guangzhou was a not a rich land; people during those days had to work very hard to make their earnings meet. Then one day, people heard a heavenly song and saw five fairies wearing colorful dress and riding five rams with each ram carrying six bundles of grains in their mouth. They gave the grains to the Guangzhou people and blessed the place forever with a good harvest and then the Fairies left but the five rams were turned into stones. Since then Guangzhou became a prosperous land and its people enjoyed a better life. This transforming legend was passed through the ages till today. That¨s why Guangzhou is also called five rams city or grain city

  The story of the five fairies- during the 40th Anniversary of the foundation of China, the Government decided to beautify the park. The Government then instructed a sculptor, Yun Zhi Chang to take the responsibility of story telling the fairies legend, using sculptures only on the base of the Five Rams Statue. The area containing Five Ram Statue has been enlarged by building the kiosk, pavilion, stage, tablets, corridors of paintings etc. The area is about 10,000 sqm. The whole scenic spot is called the Five Rams Fairies Pavilion.

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