Dr, Sun Yat Sen¨s Memorial Monument
Zhen Hai Building
Old Wall
Guangzhou Art galley
The Five Rams Fairy Pavilion
Hai Yuan Kiosk
Guang Fu Kiosk
Wu Ting Fang Monument
C.T Memorial Archway
Sun Reading-Working Place
Solid Ball water tank
Square Cannon Site
Tomb of King Shaowu
  Wu Ting Fang Monument is located at a lower level than Dr Sun Yat Sen¨s monument. Wu Ting Fang was a contemporary Chinese diplomat. He held the position of a Justice Secretary, acting Prime Minister, and a Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He was appointed as the Guangdong Provincial Governor in 1922 by Dr. Sun Yat Sen. The Monument was renovated in 1985.

  The Monuments of Fo Shan and Gu Zhi Cu Ting, were built in Qing dynasty and Chu Ting, is the earliest name used for Guangzhou.

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