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a place for publicizing the Chinese pigeon culture, saving and collecting rare ornamental pigeons that are becoming extinct around the world, introducing famous pigeon varieties in the world, popularizing pigeon culture and pigeon know-how, increasing peoples awareness of pigeon culture, and creating pigeon culture with Chinese characteristics.
Famous Pigeon Square in Yuexiu Park is the largest pigeon place with most varieties of pigeons in Guangzhou. There are totally over a hundred species of ornamental pigeons here, including royal ornamental pigeons, and foreign pigeons such as Germany Swallow Balloon-Blowing Pigeon, Italian Milan Lotus Pigeon and Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeon, which have been awarded Golden and Silver Prizes in many Ornamental Pigeon Contests.
Famous Pigeon Square in Yuexiu Park is a place combining natural ecology and garden art, a place of motion and tranquility, and a place for visiting, sightseeing, science popularizing and resting. Visitors may also buy well-contented pigeons here.
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