Dr, Sun Yat Sen¨s Memorial Monument
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Wu Ting Fang Monument
C.T Memorial Archway
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Solid Ball water tank
Square Cannon Site
Tomb of King Shaowu
  Located at the mountainside of the southern piedmont of Yuexiu Mountain, the monument is a 5.5-meter high pointed top square column. This place was originally where Yuexiu Tower, which was once the residence of Sun Yatsen and Song Qingling, was situated. On June 26, 1922, Chen Jiongming betrayed Sun Yatsen and launched an armed rebellion. Sun Yatsen and his wife Song Qingling got out of the jaws of danger from this place.
In 1930, this monument was erected to commemorate Sun Yatsen. Inscribed on the back of the stele was the Inscription for Rebel Fighting Bodyguard, recording the story of the 2-day bloody battle between 61 bodyguards of the President¨s Office against Chen Jiongming¨s rebel army.
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