Dr, Sun Yat Sen¨s Memorial Monument
Zhen Hai Building
Old Wall
Guangzhou Art galley
The Five Rams Fairy Pavilion
Hai Yuan Kiosk
Guang Fu Kiosk
Wu Ting Fang Monument
C.T Memorial Archway
Sun Reading-Working Place
Solid Ball water tank
Square Cannon Site
Tomb of King Shaowu
  Built in 1931, it used to be a functional water tank but since 1999 it is used for display only. Its height is 16 metres and its inside diameter is 13.3 metres.. The height from the ground level to the top of the tank is 60 metres. It can hold 1095 cubic metres of water. Its peculiar shape arouses interest among the visitors. It was once a landmark of Guangzhou city. It is the only one left among the four famous water tanks that were built before the liberation.
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