Dr, Sun Yat Sen¨s Memorial Monument
Zhen Hai Building
Old Wall
Guangzhou Art galley
The Five Rams Fairy Pavilion
Hai Yuan Kiosk
Guang Fu Kiosk
Wu Ting Fang Monument
C.T Memorial Archway
Sun Reading-Working Place
Solid Ball water tank
Square Cannon Site
Tomb of King Shaowu
  The Old wall was built during the early Ming dynasty, thus it has more than 600 years history. This is a historic wall for Guangzhou city but soon after the Sin Hai revolution (1911) part of it was demolished to build roads. It is the only wall left to provide evidence that Guangzhou has more than 2000 years of history. It is considered to be one of the three, Ming dynasty¨s historical sites along with Zhen Hai Building
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