¡¤Children¡¯s park
¡¤Little Angel¡¯s Paradise
¡¤Famous Pigeon Square in Yuexiu Park
¡¤JLB Fitness Center 
¡¤Jin Yin Entertainment Park
¡¤Jinyin Interest Garden
¡¤Liyutou Sports Zone
¡¤Yue xiu Playground
¡¤Yuexiu Natatorium 
¡¡¡¡ Located in Jinyin Recreation Place and covering 15000 sq. meters of land, it is an ¡°Ecological Protection Garden¡± where there are a full species of plants. Also in the garden there are lifelike statues of animals, war-honored fighter planes and artilleries, traditional farmhouse water pumps and stone grinders exhibited in the Agriculture Exhibition, and ponds for dragging and angling fishing. The Cartoon Amusement Park within the garden is a place for kids aged between 3 to 15. In the theme of ¡°Cartoon Instruction¡±, it offers a brainstorm and DIY space for the children to do it by themselves to make sand pictures, crystal pictures and models of the cartoon characters in the cartoon ¡°12 Families¡¯ Wonder World¡±. Through creating their own works, the children and kids will form their ¡°cultural originality¡±.
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