¡¤Children¡¯s park
¡¤Little Angel¡¯s Paradise
¡¤Famous Pigeon Square in Yuexiu Park
¡¤JLB Fitness Center 
¡¤Jin Yin Entertainment Park
¡¤Jinyin Interest Garden
¡¤Liyutou Sports Zone
¡¤Yue xiu Playground
¡¤Yuexiu Natatorium 
¡¡¡¡It was built in 1980. Long time ago, the Emperor of China, Guang Wu, from the East Han dynasty, gave the Japanese Emperor, Bo Fan Ju, a Jin Yin (gold silk) as a sign of friendship. This was known from the archeological findings in the Japanese city, Hukuoka. In 1980, when China¡¯s Guangzhou city and Japan¡¯s Hukuoka city established friendship ties, the Hukuoka City Government built this park and donated it to the youth of Guangzhou city- In order to commemorate this auspicious occasion the park was named after the Jin Yin (gold silk) gift. Today, Jin Yin Entertainment Park symbolizes the establishment of friendly ties between China and Japan.

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