Dong Xiu Lake
Nan Xu lake 
Bei Xu lake
Lotus View Kiosk
Nanxiu Lawn 
Nan Xiu flower Garden
Lake Center Kiosk  
Television Tower 
Bamboo forest site 
Sciophilous Plant Area 
Flower Gallery 
Carp¨s Garden 
  Built by the Beixiu Lakeside, covering 200 meters long along the Beixiu Lake bank and encircled with graceful environment, the Carp¨s Garden is one of the natural carp raising and viewing spots boasting the largest scale and most carp varieties in Guangdong Province. 500,000 carps of various colors swim carefree in the water. Visitors may throw some fish feed into the lake and then witness the magnificent scene of thousands of carps striving for the feed. It is indeed an ideal place to go during vacations and holidays. In the garden, there are also large dragging and angling fishing ponds for kids to have fun.
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