¡¤Children¡¯s park
¡¤Little Angel¡¯s Paradise
¡¤Famous Pigeon Square in Yuexiu Park
¡¤JLB Fitness Center 
¡¤Jin Yin Entertainment Park
¡¤Jinyin Interest Garden
¡¤Liyutou Sports Zone
¡¤Yue xiu Playground
¡¤Yuexiu Natatorium 
¡¡¡¡It is located by the Dongxiu Lake side, where was ¡°Nan Yin¡± Traditional Opera Ground in the 1960¡¯s. The poet and dramatist Tian Han walked by and considered ¡°Nan Yin¡± a good name for it. So he wrote down the two words ¡°Nan Yin¡± on the place. Later, it was renamed as ¡°Nan Yin Teahouse¡±. Today, it is JLB Fitness Center, offering a full range of fitness facilities and activities to people who want to keep fit and strong.
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