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    Guangzhou orchid park ,locate to show the park west more, area 3.99 hectares.It of the precursor is the plant specimen park of Guangzhou, just formal in 1962 easy by name orchid park ecome the whole country the first regard educating the orichid the flower as the main there park.orchid park from set up the park of since day, had been suffering till the Zhu De, YeJianying ,DongBiWu , TaoZhu etc. older generation a concern for with Beijing leadership.The Zhu De is virtuous 1960 beginning of year a tranquil and enjoyable environment for arriving at orchid park , drive here an attraction, revisit annually afterward and almost this place, concern the growth circumstance that orchid flower, even still present the orchid that oneself raise spend to the orchid park , and here a phrase keeps as memory.
    At 70's of last century past, the Beijing leadership who the conduct and actions be received that orchid park has been place orchid with important foreign guest, received the ZhuDe once and in front and back virtuous, Ye Jian Ying , DongBiWu , Xu Xiang Qian, Deng Xiaoping, TaoZhu , Rong Yi Ren, Zhang ai Ping waits Beijing leadership and Ni ke Song , Xi Ha Nu Ke, Lee Kuan Yew, Dong Jian Hua etc. the honored guest.To the 1976 empress, the orchid park is a formal just openning to common visitors.
     Guangzhou orchid park , a good place for busyly, disturbingly noisy oasis in the busy streets, its area although not very, but gathering purely working properly, nice, quitely and choiceness in whole body, orchid park is aly absolutely deserving small and softly swiming appreciating.

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